Popular U3a excursion to Mary Quant exhibition in Bendigo

The U3a Friday Bushwalking group completed a 10km walk in March.

Wednesday at U3a … Gardening, Finska, and Craft Group

U3a ‘Garden Appreciation’ members hard at work in March.

Fun at Finska!
The first to get to exactly 50 points is the winner.

U3a Craft Group with some of their handiwork.

A fun gathering for over 40 members at Sicilians on Tuesday 2nd March

‘Dine Out’ was added to our program this year and was popular with more than 40 U3A members attending Sicilians.

Grampians Estate Winery visit February 2021

On Friday afternoon a group of 35 Ararat & District U3A members carpooled to Grampians Estate Winery.  We were welcomed by staff and seated at allocated tables.  We participated in wine tasting, while the owner, Tom Guthrie, expanded on the history of the site, and the original St Ethels winery.  Coincidentally three U3A members present had previously resided in the original house on the site where the winery is situated today.  Hot drinks and scones followed. 
A big thank-you to Tom and the staff for their hospitality.

Gordon Excursion, 2020
Hat Shoppe, lunch at Gordon Bleu, Oak Hill Truffle Farm